Planning to Buy A Kettlebell?

One of the questions that we get most often from people looking to buy a kettlebell is – why are Black Iron Strength® kettlebells more expensive than traditional kettlebells? We think that this is a very fair question.

No doubt there is a substantial price difference, but there are unique features that account for the price difference. I like to say that we added a high-performance motor to a rowboat. View: Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells.

Black Iron Strength Kettlebells
Black Iron Strength Kettlebells (Photo credit: @efrenlifts)

What are the unique features of the Black Iron Strength® kettlebells that account for the cost difference? This video highlights the revolutionary features:

  1. Rotating handle with premium IGUS bearings
  2. Handle with premium knurling
  3. Factory machined from solid steel with military hard chrome finish
  4. Manufactured in the USA
  5. Military hard chrome finish
  6. Flat edges instead of a round ball
  7. Antimicrobial Copper handles

Rotating Handles with Premium IGUS Bearings

Let’s start with the obvious difference of the rotating handles. The rotating handles have premium IGUS® bearings for a smooth rotation. Rotating handles play two roles – reducing injury and generating power and speed. How?

  • Reduction of injury: The rotating handles prevent torque on your wrists and forearms, which will diminish the impact of the force on your forearm. This is important because it lessens the risk of overuse injuries such as tendonitis. A recent review by Garage Gym Fanatics states, ‘The kettlebell is much more smooth. The kettlebell moves with your hand instead of you moving the kettlebell. It alleviates the pressure on your wrist.’ Anytime that you don’t have to force a movement, it decreases the risk of injury. In addition, the rotating handle protects the hands from callouses because the rotating handle moves with you. The handle is not slipping and sliding in your hand.
  • Speed and power – Another advantage is the speed and power at which you can train. With a rotating handle, you can move faster with the kettlebell and you do NOT have to do a “release and catch” with overhead movements.  The rotating handles allow the user to generate more POWER since they can move faster.  ‘It is unlike anything else in the market and allows you to safely generate a high amount of velocity as you swing. This in turn provides greater force than any traditional kettlebell. The effective workout that this function unleashes is unparalleled.’ Efren Ramirez (Google Review)

Our competitors do not have a rotating handle. The handle is fixed part of the kettlebell. The kettlebell is one single unit, which is much less costly than a kettlebell with a rotating handle because of the labor and factory time.

Handle with Premium Knurling

The handle of the Black Iron Strength® kettlebell not only rotates, but also has premium knurling. This creates a superior grip along with a positive grip.

Our competitors do not have knurling on the handle so the user can perform a ‘catch and release’. A handle without knurling is significantly less because there is an additional labor and factory time involved with the knurling process.

Factory Machined from Solid Steel with Military Hard Chrome Finish

Black Iron Strength® kettlebells are machined from solid steel except for the 10, 12.5, and 15 lb. which are machined from aluminum. A distinguishing feature in the manufacturing process of Black Iron Strength® kettlebells is the use of proprietary technology using a 25-ton press-through. This manufacturing process makes Black Iron Strength® kettlebells virtually indestructible. Black Iron Strength® kettlebells are a custom product that is built to order.

Our competitors’ kettlebells are cast iron not solid steel. Cast iron is much less expensive than steel.

Manufactured in the USA

Black Iron Strength® kettlebells are produced from USA steel as well as manufactured and machined in the USA. The only component of the kettlebells not made in the USA are the IGUS® bearings for the rotational handles. We selected these bearing because of their superior quality and durability.

Our competitors’ kettlebells are cast iron or rubber coated cast iron and manufactured overseas. These kettlebells come out of mold where hot cast iron is poured into the mold. The costs are significantly lower because there is much less labor and production.

Military Hard Chrome Finish

Black Iron Strength® kettlebells have a military grade hard chrome finish on them. The finish is also rust resistant. Military hard chrome is durable. It is so durable that it is used on parts of US Navy ships that are exposed to severe conditions.  

Our competitors generally have a baked-on paint application, which chips and is prone to rust. Paint is a less expensive application as well as less labor intensive than military hard chrome. In the long run, paint is much less durable.

Patented Flat Edge Instead of a Round Ball

Black Iron Strength® kettlebells have a US patented flat edge on the face of the kettlebells so they lay flat on the outside and inside of the user’s arm/forearm. This design is much more ergonomically correct for using kettlebells during training because it takes away the pinpoint pressure on the forearm from the round shape of the traditional kettlebell.

Our competitors’ kettlebells are round shaped cannon balls and this creates a “pinch point” when there is contact on the user’s arm/forearm. The round ball kettlebell is significantly less expensive because it is produced out of a mold and made overseas.

Antimicrobial Copper Handles

Black Iron Strength® offers antimicrobial copper handles as an option. We are the only company to offer this option since these handles have a US patent. Antimicrobial copper kills all germs including COVID-19. In 2017, a peer-reviewed medical study done by the American Journal of Infection Control, proved that fitness equipment with antimicrobial copper handles were 94% cleaner than other handles. Given this information and with the current pandemic, The New York Times highlighted how Alchemy Properties chose Black Iron Strength® products with antimicrobial copper handles for a condo project.

Antimicrobial Copper on touch sufaces kill germs 24/7
Recent Study in the American Journal of Infection Control shows Antimicrobial Copper Touches Surfaces Decrease Bacteria by 94%

Our competitors do not offer antimicrobial copper handles because Black Iron Strength® holds the US patent on this handle.

Black Iron Strength® kettlebells are a revolutionary design. There are three US patents on Black Iron Strength® kettlebells. The manufacturing process and the unique features, such as the rotating handle, account for the cost difference. It is like adding a high-performance motor to a rowboat. A rowboat will get you across the lake. However, if you put a high-performance motor on the boat, you get speed and power.  The Black Iron Strength® kettlebell gives you speed and power as well as a lifetime of use and a safer strength training tool. View kettlebells.

Black Iron Strength Kettlebells on Rack
Black Iron Strength Kettlebells on Rack (Note: Rack has wheels so it is easily moved.)

Please do hesitate to reach out with more questions. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the difference between our kettlebell and the traditional kettlebell. We take pride in manufacturing quality strength equipment. Learn more about the revolutionary features of Black Iron Strength® kettlebells in this product video.