No doubt – the last thing anyone wants to touch is a toilet seat….😱

Guess what…when you pick up that Dumbbell, it has 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. FitRated did an independent study on how clean fitness equipment is (1). The researchers performed the test in multiple gyms. The findings were disturbing to say the least.

Dumbbell 362x Dirtier than Toilet Seat

That is not a misprint, but an ‘eye opener’ as to just how filthy those dumbbells, barbells and cable attachments can be. Keep in mind – this equipment is in a fitness area where there are generally antibacterial soap dispensers, antibacterial wipes and/or spray bottles with chemical solutions and paper towels to “clean” the equipment.

This study has significant consequences in 2020 with the light of COVID-19.

Why are the dumbbells so DIRTY especially when spray and wipes are usually available to clean the dumbbell handles?
▪ Current system is broken.
▪ Science has shown that antibacterial wipes and antibacterial soaps are ineffective.
▪ No amount of cleaning will remove all of the germs from the tiny crevices in the knurling of the handles.
▪ No one enforces cleaning.

Current System is Broken

To say the current standard of cleaning in a fitness facility is ‘broken’ and has flaws would be an understatement. Imagine going to a restaurant where you are expected to clean your own table before you sit down and then clean every plate, glass, fork, knife, and spoon BEFORE and AFTER you use them. Plus, clean the table again when you are done eating. This cleaning scenario is what is now expected of members working out at fitness facilities. Plus, the soaps/gels and wipes/sprays expose you to harsh chemicals.

Science has proven that antibacterial wipes and gels are ineffective

Multiple studies have shown that bacteria will recolonize even if one cell of bacteria remains after the surface is cleaned. Even after using antibacterial wipes and gels, bacteria and viruses will reappear within 20 minutes. This article in The Telegraph highlights the ineffectiveness of antibacterial wipes (2).

  Wiping surface with antibacterial wipes

No amount of cleaning will remove all of the bacteria and viruses

Think about the knurling on a dumbbell handle. No amount of cleaning is going to remove the bacteria and viruses build-up in those tiny crevices. It is impossible.

No one enforces

Let’s be honest, who enforces the cleaning of the dumbbells? You know the answer – ‘No One’!

Good News…there is a Cost Effective and Non-Chemical Solution as well as a Sustainable and Green solution.

Black Iron Strength® Dumbbells with Antimicrobial Copper CuLEAN® handles kill 99.9% bacteria and other germs continuously, 24/7/365. The killing properties of Antimicrobial Copper last forever, which makes it a cost effective solution without the use of chemicals.

A 2017 published research study in the American Journal Of Infection Control, demonstrates the benefits of the Antimicrobial Copper to protect the user from germs.

Graphic showing the effectiveness of Copper

College and Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches understand the importance of protecting their athletes 24/7/365 from germs.

See what these college and professional coaches have to say about Black Iron Strength® Dumbbells and other free weight equipment with Antimicrobial Copper Handles.

Justin Lovett, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Purdue Football – ‘Our program is all about what is best for the athlete. Knowing the bactericidal benefits of copper, our only question was, How could we not use this equipment?’ (Insert Purdue Video).
Nelson Ayotte, Director of Player Performance Columbus Blue Jackets: ‘The technology impressed me, this is a guaranteed winning solution in my mind. If these weights prevent us from losing even one player for one game it pays for itself.’
John Shackleton, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Villanova Men’s Basketball: ‘Black Iron Strength Dumbbells with their CuLEAN® copper surfaces gives us a sixth man to combat the threat of infections to protect our athletes’
Matt Price, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach LA Kings: ‘Our objective is to further minimize the exposure of bacteria in our training spaces and having dumbbells with CuVerro® copper handles made huge sense….The net reduction of the spread of bacteria is our goal as we look to minimize athlete’s time lost unnecessarily to illness.’

The SOLUTION exists to make your workouts cleaner and safer! You no longer have to workout on free weight equipment that is 362 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Antimicrobial Copper on touch sufaces kill germs 24/7


Get Fit – Not Sick when working out in the gym or weight room. 

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