Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Bars with Patented Revolving Sleeves are the ideal choice for the serious lifter!

Thick Bar Success: Get bigger and stronger with the top brand that’s killing it!

Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bars are the highest quality available on the market. The patented rotating sleeves are a standout feature and only available on Black Iron Strength® Thick Bars. Get bigger and stronger and elevate your thick bar training with Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bars.

Automatic training

When utilizing thick bars, you are training your grip the entire time, freeing you up from doing additional grip exercises. Exceptional results are noted around the world in champion bodybuilders, athletes, UFC fighters, Military, NFL, CrossFit and Special Forces soldiers. Weightlifting is a true exam of human ballistic limits (explosive strength); lifts are executed faster, with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution than other strength movements. Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bars are the highest quality available on the market. The patented rotating sleeves are a standout feature and only available on Black Iron Strength® Training Bars. Read on to learn more about the unparalleled benefits of the thick bar, also known as fat bar, and how rotating sleeves are a must-have addition to your workout arsenal.

Using a thicker diameter bar will allow greater muscle activation in the arms. This increased muscle activation creates significant muscle size and strength gains. Thick bars make your hands, fingers and forearms so much stronger that your body can stop waiting for your grip to catch up! You know this will unlock the strength and muscle gains in your upper arms, back and chest.

Thick bar training automatically trains your hands, fingers and forearms at all angles. If you are bench pressing, the thick bar will train your hands and forearms in a completely different way than if you are doing chin ups with a thick pull-up bar. Thick bars are more to handle so you need to concentrate harder. Many have said that this forced concentration alone has made them significantly stronger.

Thick bars evenly distribute weight over the entire palm of your hand (picture yourself bench pressing with a thick bar vs a standard skinny bar, get the difference?). Many trainers will tell you that having a fat bar makes training safer and less likely to cause injury. They also make the forearms extensors (the muscles on the top of the forearm) and forearm flexors (the muscles on the bottom) work more evenly which can help avoids imbalances, weaknesses and injury. Aside from serious issues, it also allows for more reps and you won’t feel the fatigue in the supporting muscle groups.

Are you training for over-all strength, your perfect physique or straight up raw power? Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bars will help you get bigger and stronger using the science of thick bar training.

The Power of Rotating Sleeves

One of the key features of the Black Iron Strength@ Thick Olympic Training Bar is the patented rotating sleeves, which places our Thick Olympic Training Bar in a class by itself since it is the only thick bar on the market that has been issued a US Utility Patent.

Watching Olympic and other weightlifting competitions, you will notice the importance of Rotating Sleeves. The sleeve rotation is important for lifts, particularly the snatch and clean movements, because it drastically reduces the rotational inertia of the plates. Weightlifting is between a man or woman and their weights, moving together allows for more uniformity in movement, lessening the opportunity for injury. Without sleeve rotation, the lifter faces more challenging lifts and a greater risk of injury. The rotating sleeves protect the user’s wrists, elbows, and shoulders of undue stress, which reduces the chance of injury. This feature makes it the most superior bar available on the market.

The Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bar with Rotating Sleeves is the perfect choice to take your strength gains to a new level. Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bars are available in two lengths: 6 ½ and 7 feet. The 6 ½ feet bar was designed to keep the weight of the bar as close to 45 lbs. as possible. Even with the decrease in length of the 6 ½ ft. Olympic Training Bar, it is important to note that the length of inside collar to inside collar is the same as the standard length of any Olympic Bar. Therefore, all Black Iron Strength® Olympic Training Bars fit on any piece of free weight equipment to even turn your power racks and benches into thick grip work horses!

Another distinguishing feature of our Thick Olympic Training Bar is the precision knurling pattern on all of the bars. This aspect allows for a positive grip, which promotes optimal strength gains.

Like all of our products, Black Iron Strength® Thick Olympic Training Bar are manufactured to the tightest specification with the highest quality materials. The finish on all of the bars is military hard chrome, which prevents corrosion.

  • Finish is military ‘spec’ hard chrome finish for corrosion resistance
  • Bar diameter and bar weight engraved on the end of each bar
  • Fits all free weight benches and power racks
  • Precision knurling pattern on all bars to promote positive gripping
  • Only Thick Bar available with US Utility Patent because of rotating sleeves
  • Custom Bar Holder also available – vertically designed to save space
  • Quality Manufactured in the USA

About the author: Tom Grace, M.S.-EXSci

Tom Grace, M.S.-EXSci
First and foremost, Tom Grace is a fitness educator and enthusiast. It started in 1975 when he was part of Project Total Conditioning as a cadet at West Point. He later returned to West Point as an instructor in the Department of Physical Education. Upon retirement from the military, he became an entrepreneur with the goal of offering the most innovative and highest quality strength equipment with Black Iron Strength®. In addition, he also operated a successful personal training facility for 10 years.