Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells are the only commercial grade dumbbells!Polarity is a word that should be in every serious athlete or body builders’ vocabulary, and no, we are not talking about the obvious state of opposites attract, we are talking about taking your workout to a new level with the Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell Training System. This tower of strength, utilizing the magnetic power of 80 lbs. of pull per side, separates this adjustable dumbbell training system from all others.

The Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a patented, revolutionary technology because it provides the convenience of multiple dumbbells in a compact space. However, unlike other systems on the market, it is the only commercial grade dumbbell system. That is why these units are found in commercial and athletic facilities throughout the world as well as home gyms. Picture a typical gym, 20-40 feet of space on average is wasted by rows of dumbbells. Even though you can see them from any place on the floor, when you walk up to grab ‘your’ dumbbell set, they are in use. Talk about a major speedbump in your flow. So you are a home gym owner, CrossFit enthusiast, Krav Maga participant- It’s your turn. Imagine having every dumbbell you need in a four-foot space? Walk up, and in to the Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell WEDGE 40, pick up your dumbbells, snap on additional weight when needed, and you are ready to rock! No other training system comes close to offering you what Black Iron Strength offers; 40 pairs of dumbbells in 12 square feet! We aren’t kidding you- from 5 lbs. to 102.5 lbs. in 2.5 lbs. increments. You are training. You are specific. You have likely found yourself in a place with traditional set-ups where you are faced with being stuck with a weight that is too light, but you aren’t ready to move up to the next weight, not anymore, not with the Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell Wedge 40. Now that is smart training.

There are three issues with other adjustable dumbbell sets on the market. One, other adjustable sets are not commercial grade dumbbells. Two, other adjustable dumbbell sets use plate adjustments that are not totally secure and can easily fall off, especially if the dumbbells are dropped because the securing mechanisms are weak and can be broken. This is a hazard to the user and a potential lawsuit to a commercial or athletic facility. Finally, all other adjustable dumbbell sets on the market do not have the ‘look and feel’ of a traditional dumbbell. Have you ever tried to put your hand inside of a box and come out with the proper weight? Ergonomics people…. What about the hassle of returning to said box to adjust the weight? 5 minutes later…. The quick addition of weight in 2.5 magnetic increments has you back to lifting in seconds. How does your training partner spot you lifting a box-like object?

While Poles Apart may mean “very different; far from coming to an agreement”, that is not the case with Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell training systems. Take a look out there and you will read articles where people are stoked about this system! No one has asked for these testimonies, in fact, they have been come by inadvertently. People are excited to have invested in the top of the line, American-made, commercial grade dumbbell training system. The Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® – Wedge 40 is the most popular of the Poles Apart® Dumbbell Sets. This set has been shipped to locations all over the world. There are times when name-dropping is necessary, now is one of those times. It’s good press when powerhouse athletic teams are using this system and we think you should know. Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, St. Louis Cardinals, LA Kings, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburg Penguins, Minnesota Timberwolves, St. Louis Blues Hockey team, and the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions, Villanova, are all customers of Black Iron Strength®, who have purchased the Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell System. It’s obvious that Black Iron Strength connects this opposition of forces, nailing the premium, solid steel nail on the head!

As if you need more reasons to incorporate the Black Iron Strength® Poles Apart® Adjustable Dumbbell Set in your space, click here for more spec info to build your brain muscle!

Black Iron Strength Poles Apart Specs and Additional Info