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Tom Grace
Tom Grace
Founder / President of Black Iron Strength
When Black Iron Strength was founded in the year 2001, no one in the fitness industry thought it would survive. The large companies were moving their production overseas to stay competitive on price and the fitness industry was going to rubber or urethane material for their dumbbells. The fitness industry was dictating what the manufacturers would build and at what price point. Black Iron Strength decided not to worry about what the fitness industry wanted, but to concentrate on what the athletic performance market wanted and needed for serious strength training.

A series of new products were launched to help the athletic performance market get an edge in training. Black Iron Strength started as a concept to provide the world's best strength products and they would all be manufactured in the United States with the best materials. We would not compromise on our designs and craftsmanship. We would strive to build the best products the industry has ever seen and stand behind them with a solid warranty.

Black Iron Strength developed a design criteria that if we did not feel we could make the best product in that category in the world, then we would not produce it. No other company in the world can make a claim that they build better Thick Bars, Solid Steel Dumbbells, Solid Steel Kettlebells, Solid Steel Barbells, and Attachments than we do. We currently have six (6) patents/patent pendings and three trade marks. Our new Poles Apart technology is going in some of the top athletic programs in the world.

We offer four different handle choices for our dumbbells and we have nine different sizes of thick bars to train with. We selected Solid Steel as our material of choice to keep the dumbbells as small as possible and improve the balance and control for the trainee while lifting. We can do this because we manufacture in the United States and we build the orders as they come in. We are not worrying about ordering entire containers overseas where every product has to be the same. Our products are custom built for each order. We welcome you to our product line and we look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
Wellness Dumbbell System amanda abbington titsamanda abbington tits

amanda abbington titsamanda abbington 12/01/2011
1 & 3/8" Stirrup Grip Attachment with CuLean Gripping Surface 12/01/2011
1 & 1/8" Stirrup Grip Attachment with CuLean Gripping Surface 12/01/2011
1 & 3/8" Double Grip Row Attachment with Antimicrobial Grip 12/01/2011
1 & 1/8" Double Grip Row Attachment with Antimicrobial Grip

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ada lovelace what did she invent 12/01/2011
Lat Pulldown with CuLean Antimicrobial Gripping Surface 12/01/2011
26" Bar Attachment with CuLean Gripping Surface 12/01/2011

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abi tucker picture 20" Bar Attachment with CuLean Gripping Surface
14 " Bar Attachment with CuLean Gripping Surface 12/01/2011
1 & 1/8" Single Grip Strap Attachment, CuLean Grip 12/01/2011
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